The following videos are examples of productions I made at the time I was working for  
Productions In Memoriam Inc.*
* Productions In Memoriam Inc., privately owned and operated business that specialized in
high-end/state of the art commemorative productions, was the sister company of AnimaVDO.
I worked there until it closed shop in february 2018.
Please note that I have permission to present you these videos from the owner of this double business…
This thanks o the fact that I was the person who did these productions and also assembled the virtual music (on DAW w/MIDI).


Video 101
This was a promo piece for Productions In Memoriam Inc.’s services.
You will find different commemorative visual styles and the diverse
musical pieces are all prepared, assembled/synthesized on MIDI / DAW station
(in Logic Pro and diverse synthetizers tools and real instrument samplings such as GPO Aria).


Biographia Plus
This biographical fitive video was used to illustrate what I could do for potential clients.
The music, which I prepared, assembled & synthesized on MIDI / DAW station,
was a complex orchestral piece
(the 2nd movement of the Piano Concerto No 21 in C Major by W.A.Mozart). 


Optare Plus (D2/Océane Davidson)
Always in the spirit of offering something different and new,
this demo offers an "angelic" mood (since the commemorated person was quite young).
The music is, once again, prepared and synthesized in MIDI and remixed on DAW.
You will recognize « Le cygne » (The Swann) by Camille Saint-Saëns,
but this is a quite different rendition of the original piece. 
Indeed, you will find a jazzy flavoured fusion with cinematographic style and a touch of fantasy.
(I had a lot of fun coming up with this unusual version/arrangement).


Optare Plus (D3/Roland Lemoyne)
This demonstration offers a more restrained montage
(to illustrate that one can do something nice even with relatively few images)
on a music piece for solo piano (« Salut d’Amour » by Edward Elgar).
Of course the piano is synthesized, since I prepared this piece in MIDI.


Click here to listen to a few musical demo pieces >>>